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Buy hand-cut USDA Prime steaks & gourmet meats online from Allen Brothers. Dry aged steak, Kobe beef and more. The best mail order steak is from Allen Brothers! Allen Brothers Steaks was founded in 1893 in Chicago's historic Union Stockyards area, where it still continues operation 120 years later. Today, it is the country's leading source of USDA Prime, which consists of the finest 2% of all American beef. Allen Brothers supplies some of the country's most revered steakhouses including Morton's, The Peninsula Chicago, and Charlie Trotter, to name a few.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture says, "USDA Prime grade beef is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness and flavor." It's the highest grade you can buy, and only one to two percent of American beef is good enough for the coveted USDA Prime designation.
Because the demand for USDA Prime beef is so high and the supply is so limited, many beef sellers have difficulty obtaining it. At Allen Brothers, we always have a supply of this extraordinary beef, and we deliver it with pride to the nation's finest steakhouse and restaurants‚ and to you and your family at home. Remember that if the beef you're buying is not explicitly labeled USDA Prime‚ it probably isn't.

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