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Corkcicle chills your wine from the inside and makes it easy to experience wine at the perfect temperature every time without the hassle of ice buckets or wine sleeves. Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures-it's a great dilemma. Too cold and it could mask the vintner's uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and the flavors may take a back seat to the alcohol. The answer to this perplexity? Corkcicle. Experience wine at the perfect temperature every time.
Since we launched, we've heard quite a few stories on how we first got the idea for the Corkcicle. And while we wish we'd been inspired while sipping warmish wine in an icicle-rimmed Aspen chalet, that's not the case. The truth is that Ben Hewitt, Corkcicle's inventor and company founder, simply loves wine and hated that there wasn't a better solution to bothersome wine buckets.
In November 2011, Ben started tinkering in his garage, creating prototype after prototype. Aided with the marketing expertise of his friend and business partner, Stephen Bruner, the idea quickly became a reality. More to the point, Stephen brought a high design approach to the product with the name and its icicle form to create our beloved Corkcicle.
As the manufacturing process got underway, it became clear that we needed a rainmaker to help deliver the product and get it effectively introduced to the retail world. A close friend, Eric Miller, VP of Sales at a Fortune 100 medical device company, came on board and has been making it rain Corkcicles ever since.
Together, the three have built a brand that represents true American ingenuity and captures the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Proving that great ideas still matter and that with hard work and great partners, anything's possible.

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