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Kalyx.com: Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body. Click To Redeem This Discount Coupon.

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Kalyx.com Herbs & Foods. Click To Redeem This Discount Coupon.

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Kalyx.com Herb, Spice, Coffee, Tea, Aromatherapy, Bath & Body Accessories. Click To Redeem This Discount Coupon.

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Kalyx.com Complete Aromatherapy Oils & Supplies. Click To Redeem This Discount Coupon.

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Kalyx.com Spices. Click To Redeem This Discount Coupon.

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Kalyx.com Gourmet Traditional & Herbal Teas. Click To Redeem This Discount Coupon.

About Kalyx.com

Your source for quality organic and natural products. We sell fresh and in bulk, and always environmentally friendly. Bulk herbs, bulk spices, capsules, extracts, gardening, hydroponics and more!
Make a strong decoction of the herb. That is, boil it in water, then simmer it, covered, until you have a thick brew with very little water. Cool, and strain the boiled herb into the brew. Add an equal amount of vegetable glycerine to the thick decoction and mix well. Pour into a sterile dark glass bottle, stopper tightly and store in a cool place. Treated with care this fluid extract will last a year or more.
Vegetable glycerin, an edible humectant that moisturizes the skin, is an essential fatty acid generally derived from coconut or palm. It is used as a preservative and stabilizing agent. Never add glycerine to hot liquids as it is temperature sensitive and will coagulate. Always mix with cold or warm liquids.
Fluid extracts are used both to concentrate and preserve the active ingredients of an herb. Fluid extracts are considered by many herbalists to be the preferred way to preserve water soluble active ingredients. When properly made one fluid ounce of fluid extract equals one ounce of fresh herb.

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In this section you'll learn how to use Kalyx Discount Coupons on checkout. If you are new to shop at Kalyx.com, we will thoroughly guide you how you can use Kalyx discount coupons to save your money on online purchases at Kalyx.com

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