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Provape E-Cigarettes are the highest quality smokeless cigarettes on the market. Buy Electronic Cigarettes by Provape online & see the difference! ProVape is proud to be the industry's leading designer, manufacturer, and direct retailer of the highest quality, US-made electronic cigarettes. When you buy electronic cigarettes from ProVape, you can be assured you are getting one of the most user-friendly smokeless cigarettes available.
Unlike most pen cigarettes, ProVape e-cigarettes are designed to accommodate a larger battery giving you more power and a single battery life between 7-10 strong hours. Our electronic cigarettes are personal vaporizers with nicotine doses in each inhale meaning you get the same feeling and warm sensation that traditional cigarettes offer but with the durable and lasting attributes of e-cigarettes. ProVape e-cigarettes involve no combustion, tobacco, smoke, smell or ash.
We offer several models of smokeless cigarettes to fit your needs. The ProVape1 works best with low-resistance atomizers and cartomizers. It has a strong, thick pull. The ProVari is a variable voltage e-cigarette that allows you to select your voltage setting so you can dial in the perfect amount of throat hit and vapor you like.

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